Thanks a million, Ron Paul.

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$1.2 Million in under 7 days. That has got to be some sort of libertarian record.

Thank you Dr. Paul! I know, I know you don't want to take the credit, this really is our revolution. However, it's thanks to you that we are so organized at this particular time. Liberty minded folk are a very opinionated bunch. It takes someone with true resolve and staunch views on liberty to get these kind of results. I applaud you and your campaign team for the tremendous push you have given us.

I know that my money is going towards not only a bright and hopeful election, but towards the enlightenment of thousands of people to the spirit of a free America. It's these people, that are new to the concepts of liberty, that you have made the most impact on. These are the people who will soon make the loudest and most passionate call for freedom the world has ever heard.

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Hostile Government takeover of Spanish Fork Concert

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On Saturday there was a concert at Diamond Fork in Spanish Fork canyon (just 200 miles north of where I live) featuring Evol Intent among other bands. Just after about 11:30pm that evening, this concert of somwhere between 1500-3000 in attendance (I can't find an official count, just the number of ticket sales), was raided by SWAT teams and over 60 people were arrested for drug charges. Now, this may or may not seem out of the ordinary to you but consider the following:

  • The Concert was 100% legal and legitamite. The tickets were sold well in advance. There was ample advertising.
  • Permission from both the city of Spanish Fork and the Bueuru of Land Management was given prior to the event.
  • Just as any 100% legal concert would have, there was already ample security forces present. Searches for drug paraphenalia were being done at the door prior to anyone's entrance to the concert.
  • Not only drug 'offenders' were arrested. All of the organizers of the event were arrested as well. This includes the Security forces that were employed that night.
  • As you watch the video, ask yourself the following: Do these people look like police officers (they are) or do they look like military? Make sure you notice the fact that these 'peace officers' are carrying some form of assault rifles.
  • Did the SWAT teams enter through the front door even? No. They flew into the concert via helicopter!!
  • And worst of all: No warrant was issued to the invading forces.

Watch the video. It speaks for itself. We are already living in a fascist empire. What's that you say? You think I'm an extremist who takes things a little too far? Whether or not you choose to see this country for what it is, is probably dependant on whether or not you can see things that don't directly affect you, not whether you like or dislike the music style. If you don't express your outrage for the rights of others... what rights do you have?

I smell another letter in the works....

(See much more documentation on this matter over on the MySpace Forums (local copy here))

Update Aug 25: There is a wealth of information on the new site Music Vs. Guns

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