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I've just finished porting this entire site over to my new blog engine, Blogofile. Blogofile is something I've been working on for the last several months, and really it's been pretty much complete for the last two of those months; it turns out that transferring the 100+ posts that I've made on this blog since 2005, first using TikiWiki, then Wordpress (using a myriad of different plugins over the years) was a much larger task than writing Blogofile itself. Or, at least writing Blogofile was a lot more fun, which is why it probably took me so long to do the relatively mundane task of porting EnigmaCurry to the new platform.

Blogofile is best described as a Blog Compiler -- just as a programmer's compiler takes source code and spits out a running program, a blog compiler takes a special blog source code language and spits out raw HTML, the native format of all blogs everywhere. What this means is that any webserver can host the Blogofile based blog, without having to install any special software, not even Blogofile, it's just HTML. You can run Blogofile on any computer that has Python installed, upload the HTML it generates to your webserver, and your webserver remains lean and fast.

You can read more of the great features of Blogofile on it's own site.

One of the biggest motivators in my finishing up moving EnigmaCurry.com over to Blogofile is because, quite frankly, MySQL 5.x blows chunks. It consumes ridiculous amounts of RAM for my pitifully small wordpress database, and when it eventually overwhelms my VPS and forces a restart, the tables are corrupted, especially the mysql user table which requires running "mysqld --skip-grant-tables" in order to get running again just so I can get in to repair the damage. I've seen this happen on two different (but pretty much stock configured) Ubuntu 9.04 servers, so I know it's not an isolated case. I've pledged to myself to never use MySQL in future projects. Do yourself a favor:

sudo apt-get remove mysql-server-5.0

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you see something awry with the site, there's bound to still be a few things missing/corrupted from the transfer.

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