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Showing of the Slacker Screenlet

Having an absurdly large music collection can sometimes have it's downsides. Slacker is a nice way to listen to music when you can't decide what to listen to. Like with Pandora or, you can create your own radio station by telling the player what kind of music you like and the player will automatically choose music to play for you. With Slacker, you can customize how much or how little new music you want to allow into the mix, which is the main reason I prefer it over Pandora.

On Windows, Slacker has created a nice standalone player. On Linux or Mac you're stuck with the web player. The nice thing about a standalone player is it won't interfere with my habit of closing my browser (thus killing my music). I decided I needed to find a way to separate the player from my main browser.

Screenlets are little, graphical, single-purpose eye-candy (written in Python :)). They can do things like show you the time or the current weather forecast, CPU load, the word of the day etc. Compiz allows these applications to run in their own layer such that they can appear and disappear quickly with the press of a button. They are quick and easy to get to, but stay out of your way when not needed.

I decided a screenlet for Slacker would be ideal, so I wrote one.

You can download my Slacker Screenlet for yourself.

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