The best jokes are timeless

September 27, 2007 at 10:17 AM | categories: humor, videos | View Comments

Several months ago Kellie (my wife) and I had a really good laugh at Cute with Chris' recital of T-Pain's Buy you a drank:

I thought to myself, Chris, you're a genius! I still think that. Kellie and I are constantly saying to each other "Whatchoo think about dat?" As funny as it is however, the joke is far from original. Steve Allen made the same joke decades ago but with a different song. That doesn't make Chris' joke any less funny though. The best comedians are those that can find new ways to bring out truth that everyone already knows. Here's Steve Allen's original (Heck maybe he's not even the first):

The best jokes are timeless.

Thanks go to Lew Rockwell for the link.

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