New Hosting and Star Trek

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Sorry, The website has been down for a few days for maintainance.

My Parents have been in the process of moving, and as such they have told me that I cannot host my site on the server at the (old) house now. I have moved my site now to Powweb ... I've already had some issues (adjustments to lifestyle really. They don't offer shell access here) ... We'll see how it goes. On the plus side, it's darn cheap.

I succesfully moved my TikiWiki site over to Powweb only to find that two weeks later it was broken. After numerous hours of attempting to fix it, I decided to bag the whole thing and switch toWordpress. It seems to be overall much more peppy than the TikiWiki code. I really like the Wiki side of TikiWiki, so I'll definitely be looking for something for my Wiki needs in the future, which may mean re-installing TikiWiki.

Kellie and I went down to Las Vegas last week and went to our first Star Trek Convention. I have mixed feelings about the experience. On the one hand, it was extremely cool to see so many familiar faces, people that I have admired and respected for most of my life. On the other hand, there were 2,000 other people there that made the experience so much less personal than I would have liked. I have a dream of someday meeting Bill Shatner. I don't want that meeting to be where I pay $80 for a photo-op and have 2 seconds with him. Great guy, wrong place.

Some of the highlights:
  • We heard the Las Vegas Philharmonic reproduce Star Trek Theme songs. It was extremely well done. James Darren (Vic Fontaine himself) sung as an intermission. It was a surprise appearnce (Nana Visitor was supposed to appear instead.) A once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • William Shatner. Need I say more?
  • Patrick Stewart uses regular bathrooms. I was waiting for Kellie outside of a public restroom at the Hilton, and out comes Patrick with his three body guards. Not three feet in front of me, he passed me by. Closest I've ever been to a Star Trek actor.
  • Kellie and I both dressed up as Trill for the symphony. The day after for the convention, we had run out of marker to make the spots, so only Kellie was Trill on that day. Very good costume, easy to do, and lots and lots of respect by passer-by Trek fans. Of course, not everyone asked the appropriate question: "How far down do they go?" ... all the way of course :)
  • Kellie recieved Spock's autograph... young spock that is... young Pon Far spock that is... Stephen Manley to be exact. The aquaintance went about like this:
    • Stephen Manley: Hey, those are excellent spots!
    • Kellie: Thanks! (Then she probably said "You have to ask the question though...")
    ... and we walked on...
    • Ryan: Do you know who you just spoke to?
    • Kellie: No...
    • Ryan: That was Spock.. young Spock..
    • Kellie: Oh cool! I have to get his autograph now!
We went up and got his autograph. I mentioned to him that he should personalize the autograph by saying "Nice Spots" or something of the like... here is what she got instead: "To Kellie: My Vulcan blood boils... Nice Spots!"

All in all, it was a very good experience, although I probably won't want to go back for several years.

Here are some photos of our Trek:

And finally, here is a picture I took of Mr Shatner. (Sorry for the quality, the seats were far away, and my camera doesn't zoom hardly at all)
William Shatner (Low Quality)

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