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I haven't posted here recently. Work has been tasking, and I've been spending most of my free time reading the Forums. I have purchased parts to build a computer for my car (a carputer, or what I prefer to call an autocomp)

I'll be posting pictures of that soon.

Some other things that I have been raving about recently:

  • Raggle - a curses based RSS feed aggregator (plus check out the --server flag, it's a full blown HTTP server for your feeds as well)
  • This video - A stupid, yet still very entertaining little video of what might happen if you play a bit too much Counter Strike.
  • Memory Alpha - An awesome Star Trek wiki... I mean holy WOW.... Wiki's in general have got to be the coolest thing on the Web, but this site simply rocks!
I've had mixed feelings about the Grokster case recently. (If you don't know what I'm talking about... please see the bumper sticker I posted a few posts ago wink) The way I see it:
  • It really sucks that corporate power in this country has gotten to the point where if they brandish their clout and lobbying dollars enough they can get the centralized government to listen to any form of rhetoric imaginable.
  • It is also clear to me that once you break down the decision that the Supreme Court made, we are really no worse off then we were before: They have essentially upheld the Betamax decision .. as long as a technology is not primarily designed for piracy, then it ought to be legal. The fact that another case is now being held for Grokster to find out what their primary design was ... well... it's unimportant to me.
I plan to mount my computer in my car this weekend, so hopefully I'll have pics to show later next week.

  • Ryan
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