Local Big-O-Tires does over $1 Million a year.... and how!

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I'm not superstitious.

Acknowledging that, I guess the best way to describe this Friday, the 13th of May, is statistically interesting.

Things at work did not go well, many of our computers decided to go on the blink. It was unfortunate, but that's not the interesting part, so I'll skip it.

My coworker Don needed a ride today from the local Big-O-Tires, as he was getting some work done on his pickup truck. So, I left work and drove downtown to retrieve him. I got there and drove into their parking lot through an obscenely rough and deep concrete ramp (what would you call it? The dip in the sidewalk between the road and their parking lot) with my new Corrolla. I had to drive very slowly to avoid hitting the front end of the car into the concrete, but I managed. I took Don back to work and didn't think anything more of it.

Something that is important at this point is to mention the conversation Don and I had on our way back to work. It went something like this:

  • Don: "Did you know Ryan, that that Big O Tire is the most profitable Big O Tire location in all of Utah? Most Big O locations only do one large tire order every year. That location does three. They do over $1 Million a year."
  • Me: "Wow. I never would have guessed."

Later on that Day, Kellie (my lady friend), asked me to come pick her up from work (as she had not drove to work herself because we went out to breakfast together and I dropped her off afterward). Out I went again, when I got to her work I noticed a loud hissing sound emanating from my rear left tire. Crap! I couldn't see any reason for the tire to be damaged and also couldn't be quite certain it was my tire, only that it seemed to be coming from that general area of the car.

Kellie asked to go to Dairy Queen, which I couldn't say was a bad idea, so we went there to grab a blizzard before taking her home. Once there I looked at the tire once more, giving it a more thorough examination. I was surprised to find a wood screw completely flush and embedded in my tire tread.

Big O, the same location that I had picked Don up from only hours earlier, is less than a few hundred feet away from Dairy Queen. So I figure I better take care of this now. I call Don and let him know I'll be late back to work (at this point his truck is still at Big-O and I'm still his official ride for the day.)

I drive over to Big O and I took a look at the dip that I had drove through earlier that day. It suddenly struck me, that the only probable place where the screw came from was that dip! I paid my $10.55 to get my tire repaired and within an hour I had my car back.

I wonder what happened to that screw... did they throw it out of their garage right back into the same ditch I got stuck with it? No wonder they do over $1 Million a year...

  • Ryan
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