Nanny state taken to ridiculous and disturbing new heights

May 10, 2008 at 10:22 AM | categories: stupidity, liberty rants | View Comments

Man Jailed After Daughter Fails To Get GED

What has our world come to? A man gets put in jail because his daughter hasn't gotten some dumb, meaningless certificate? A man is losing his job, by dictate of the state, because his daughter, even though she's actively going to school, can't pass her math test?

Oh, but judge David Niehaus says that "if she passes the test, her father could get out of jail before his six-months sentence is up." Thank you David Niehaus for your generous and fair --- ZZZZTTT GOVERNMENT COMPLIANCE CIRCUITS FAILING --- Nowwaitjustagoddamnminute, how is this guy supposed to help his daughter pass the test if he's in jail??

ZZZTTTT ... This blog post is now interrupted by this Big Booming Governmental Voice:

"Be careful children, because Nanny Government is watching you! If you break any of our arbitrary rules you too may find your parents taken away because obviously they are very bad people and you deserve to be taken care of by the magnificent and omnipresent State. We'll make sure you get the indoctrination .. ahem .. education you need that your parents are unworthy and furthermore incapable of providing, despite their meaningless, pitifull attempts. Do not resist. You will bend to our desires. Don't worry, out of all of this, you will become a more productive and obedient citizen of our slave-driven society, we promise!"

ZZZZTTT -- Think for yourselves People!

The courts are subverted. They will never serve us. They serve the desires of big government and we're only going to see more and more of this leviathan usurp our rights and lay waste to our economy and our liberties.

Oh, and fuck you DIS-honorable David Niehaus.

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