Automated Time Lapse Photography in Python

February 14, 2008 at 11:32 PM | categories: python | View Comments

Last night at the Utah Python User Group meeting, John Harrison had an awesome game he has made called Marshie Attacks. It combines PyGame, PySight, a projector and lasers. You point the laser at Marshie and the isight camera detects if the laser is on target, and if so, he blows up. Very cool stuff indeed.

His game depends on the Macintosh PySight library for video capture, but is otherwise cross platform. I decided to take a stab at getting images off my webcam in linux. Using gstreamer, it wasn't hard at all.

I don't have a projector, so I can't make a full Linux port Marshie Attacks, yet. This first stab is just to show how to grab images from a v4l2 device in Linux. This program takes time lapse photos, and saves them to disk with a configurable frequency.

Requirements include:
  • Python (2.5)
  • gstreamer 0.10
  • Python Imaging Library

Download the code

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