Ron Paul -- the top-tier candidate

November 06, 2007 at 08:18 AM | categories: ron paul, videos | View Comments

For Ron Paul, the white house must seem not so far away as it once was.

Yesterday, the campaign with the help of a very active grassroots organization raised over $4.2 Million... In 24 hours. This is above and beyond what so called "top-tier" candidate Mitt Romney was able to do back in January when he set the republican record for most contributions in one day at $3.1 Million. Ron Paul has also broken the record for any one-day internet donations for any candidate, in any election, ever. Ron Paul is a bona fide top-tier candidate any way you spin this (Ron Paul on Daily Kos?!? WTF!).

Sean Hannity can say all he wants about how polls are spammed in favor of Paul, but can you spam real cash? Remember, Remember, that the 5th of November is V-Day -- V for Vindication day.

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