Life is to be sung

July 22, 2007 at 12:37 AM | categories: cool stuff, videos | View Comments

Achievement is overrated. Not worthless mind you, just overrated. The value of achievement is weighted so heavily in our lives that we tend to neglect the very prerequisites for it.

This is what beauty is: to find happiness and fulfillment in every single day.

Lifelong 'achievement' cannot be realized unless it is done daily. This country's education system and expected work schedules don't help much in this regard but it cannot be blamed for my lack of daily achievement. I can achieve something and find fulfillment in spite of the apathy that may surround me.

This video is very inspiring to me. Because of it I am reminded that I must refuse the concept that I will someday arrive at the beginning of my life.

I am already here.

I always have been.

What I do today is what counts.

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