My Dad, the piano man.

April 29, 2006 at 12:35 PM | categories: cool stuff | View Comments

My father always had a piano in the house while I was growing up. I have many fond memories of him playing it. At some point, after we moved to Utah when I was 10 years old, the frequency of his playing slowed. I think this was due in part to his eagerness to provide for his family and thus his time diminished, but also because his Chickering upright piano did not fare well in Utah's lower humidity.

Last year, my parents moved closer to where my Dad works and they also got a new house-warming self-given gift: a 1911 Steiff grand piano. My Dad has been very enthusiastic about it ever since and his playing has improved by leaps and bounds. I am very proud of him.

Today, he sent me his latest studio recording. I assume this is not played on his new Piano as he doesn't have his own studio. This is amazing: If you could see me now.

Click the play button below

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