Imagine a boot smashing on a human face -- forever

April 25, 2006 at 01:08 PM | categories: liberty rants | View Comments

I am sick to my stomach after reading this latest news. We have heard over the last several months a lot about justification of torture and debate on when, where and under what circumstances it should be allowed to occur. This, though, is personal - An uncensored glimpse into our own local reality: domestic torture of unconvicted Citizens of our own country.

Eugene Siler of Jacksboro, TN was brutally beaten by Police officers in July of 2004. His wife Jenny secretly hid a recorder in the room and caught the whole candid event on tape. The transcript has been available for a while. The audio has now been realeased as well.

Luckily, the officers involved have all been charged and sentenced to prison, if but for a small token amount of time.

Please read or listen to the above. If you have any lingering beliefs that law enforcement is here for our benefit or in any way respects the rights of their fellow human beings, this should put things in their proper perspective.

You might be thinking that this all turned out OK because the officers were all convicted. Yes, that is the good part of this story, but it was only due to the secretly hidden recording device. How many more untold stories like this are hidden forever?

Thanks to the Hammer of Truth for the story.

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