Orrin Hatch responds

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Orrin Hatch responds to my letter on Emergency Powers

(Note: this is response to a letter that I sent Mr. Hatch at the end of August)

This is about what I expected.

No politician would ever respond that he doesn't support the Constitution. What I didn't expect was the final paragraph: "In nearly three decades of Senate service, I have never violated my oath to uphold the Constitution." However, On October 25, 2001, there was only one vote in the Senate against the PATRIOT act. Unfortunately, it wasn't Mr. Hatch. On May 10, 2005, HR 1268 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief was passed. This included such violations of the 4th amendment such as the REAL ID Act. Not a single senator voted against this bill, let alone Mr. Hatch. I could go on..

It's one thing for a politician to try to justify the way he votes to subvert the Constitution. It's quite another thing for a politician to write a consitituent who is concerned with the politician's disregard for the Constitution and to tell him that he is completely vigilant in upholding the Constitution when his voting record shows otherwise.

My dear readers (if I have any) vote Libertarian next time you have the chance! You'll be voting for someone who knows exactly where he stands on the Constitution.

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